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Keeping young children safe and healthy is a priority in the Family Enrichment Program. All children are required to have a physical on file and their immunizations up to date when they enter the program. In addition, a lead screening is required on all children over one year old. Also, a Health Survey is completed upon entry into the program. The program nurse consults with individual families upon request. At least one health goal is incorporated into each participant's Family Action Plan. A copy of the Family Action Plan appears in the Program Forms section.

The program nurse is actively involved in the Family Enrichment Program parent education groups. She attends Toddler Playgroups periodically through out the year and leads parent discussions on nutrition and health topics related to young children and their families. The nurse attends the infant playgroups weekly and introduces a health tip each week for the parents to discuss. The health tips have a different focus each week of the month and are coordinated with the weekly Infant Playgroup themes. Well Child Care tips accompany the Squeak Toys and Rattles lessons. Well childcare tips include discussions of well childcare, childhood immunizations, medical assessments, and keeping the immune system in tact. Nutrition tips accompany the Blocks and Cups lessons. Nutrition tips include an overview of infant nutrition, breast verses bottle feedings, prenatal and newborn nutrition, and the introduction of solid foods. Baby Safety tips accompany the Busy Toys lessons. Baby safety tips include an overview of baby safety, infant car seats, household hazards and infant CPR. Adult Health tips accompany the Stuffed Animals lessons. Adult health tips include an overview of wellness, birth control, annual gynecology visits, and sexually transmitted diseases.

The agendas for suggested lessons are written in English only. Group discussions, however, are conducted in the primary language of the participants. When handouts related to health issues are provided for parents, they are written in parent friendly language, in both English and Spanish.


The health information on this site is intended for educational and informational purposes only and should not be used for any other purpose. The proper way to address health concerns is to consult a licensed health care provider. In particular, the reader is advised to consult their health care provider before incorporating this information into any health care regime.

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