Ten Things

Ten Things every Parent/Child Needs


The Family Enrichment Program Staff have identified outcomes for children and parents based on current research and best practices in child development and effective parenting. The outcomes are used to guide program planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Outcomes for children are based on the brain development research conducted by the McCormick Tribune Foundation, which identified ten things every child needs. The things include interaction, loving touch, stable relationships, safety and health, self-esteem quality childcare, communication, play, music, and reading. Program staff has identified five outcomes under each heading for children. The outcomes have a developmental context and progress from being applicable to the youngest infant to older toddlers. See Child Outcomes. The Family Enrichment Program Toddler Curriculum incorporates the ten things every child needs into each lesson. The child outcomes are also incorporated into the Center Environment.

Outcomes for parents are based on a general review of effective parenting studies and include child development information, social support, positive parenting strategies, healthy life style, stress management, use of community resources, father involvement, positive parent life course, creative expression and hope for the future. Program staff has also identified five outcomes under each heading for parents. These outcomes progress from a specific to a broader context. See Parent Outcomes. The Family Enrichment Program Parent Needs Assessment Survey reflects the ten things every parent needs, as does the Parent Satisfaction Survey. These two forms are included in the Program Forms Section.

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