Research References

Infant and Toddler Curriculum


The Family Enrichment Program is based on current research and best practices in Early Childhood Education. One excellent research based book that guides our practice is by Betty S. Bardige and Marilyn M. Segal entitled, Building Literacy with Love: A Guide for Teachers and Caregivers of Children from Birth through Age Five. The overall guiding principle of this book is that fostering literacy in young children results from a strong parent-child relationship. In addition, the research on early brain development, funded by a grant from the McCormick Tribune Foundation Focus on Quality Initiative, is incorporated into the Family Enrichment Program curriculum. Language and literacy research as summarized by Hart and Risley (1995), supports the key features of positive verbal interactions incorporated into the program. Furthermore, Whitehurst's 2001 information on how children learn to read and write by incorporating in-side out and out-side in domains of knowledge enhances how the curriculum is implemented. The use of decontextualized language, as stressed by Dickinson and Tabors (2001), is also incorporated into the program. The importance of integrated learning, as outlined by Burns, Griffin and Snow (1999) justifies the play based nature of learning in the Family Enrichment Program Curriculum.

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