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The underlying goal of all activities in the Family Enrichment Program is to encourage the development of positive parent/child relationships. The introduction of various infant massage techniques in Infant Playgroups is designed to help parents and children connect with each other in a positive way. Soft music sets the stage and parents are encouraged to establish communication with their babies using eye contact, body language and words. Parents are encouraged to read and respond to their babies' cues throughout the infant massage activities, as they discover what their children like and dislike. As touch is one of the most highly developed senses in infants, it serves as an excellent vehicle for helping parents and their babies connect with each other in a powerful way, setting the stage for a lifetime of sensitive and responsive communication.

Staff trained in infant massage techniques participates in the infant playgroups weekly. Each week the infant massage facilitator introduces to the parents an infant massage technique that focuses on a specific body part. Four infant massage lessons are coordinated with the weekly Infant Playgroup themes. Infant massage techniques for the Legs accompany the Squeak Toys and Rattles lessons. Infant massage techniques for the Arms and Hands accompany the Blocks and Cups lessons. Infant massage techniques for the Stomach and Back accompany the Busy Toys lessons. Infant massage techniques for the Face accompany the Stuffed Animals section.

The handouts for the infant massage lessons are written in English and Spanish and are share with the participants. Both parents and children enjoy the infant massage activities introduced in the Infant Playgroups.



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