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The Family Enrichment Program staff embraces the concept of emergent literacy. The current research on emergent literacy suggests that the development of literacy is a process that takes place within the child from the beginning of life and emphasizes the interrelatedness of language, including speaking, listening, reading, writing and looking. The Family Enrichment Program Home Visit Books were designed to help parents create an environment that encourages the natural learning ability of children to unfold.

The Home Visit books shared with parents and children on home visits are part of the program's effort to make sure every child has their own library of developmentally appropriate books available to them in their home. Books were selected at four different age levels including babies, ones, twos, and threes Since each child and family receives four home visits a year, four types of books are highlighted for each age range. Infants receive black and white books, bath time books, single picture books and touch and feel books. One year olds receive baby activity books, animal books, people books, and lift the flap books. Two year olds receive rhyming books, bed time books, word books and character books. Parents receive handouts specifically designed for each type of books. The handout provides different ideas for encouraging emergent literacy Each idea focuses on an age related concept that will help to make book reading meaningful for children. There are seven ideas on each handout, with the goal being that the parent could introduce one idea a day each day of the week. For example, for two year olds, on Sunday the parent and child are given an activity involving relating the book to real things. On Monday, the parent is encouraged to value repetition. On Tuesday, the parent and child are given ideas for relating to the pictures. On Wednesday, the parent is encouraged to read the words to the child. On Thursday, the parent is given ideas related to techniques for asking questions. On Friday the parent is encouraged to create an opportunity for the child to share the book with another. On Saturday the parent and child are encouraged to visit the library. Thus, parents are encouraged to read to their children to reinforce the program belief that A book a day brings a reader your way.

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