Story Sacks

Emergent Literacy


The Family Enrichment Program staff embraces the concept of emergent literacy. The current research on emergent literacy suggests that the development of literacy is a process that takes place within the child from the beginning of life and emphasizes the interrelatedness of language, including speaking, listening, reading, writing and looking. The Family Enrichment Program Story Sacks were designed to help parents create an environment that encourages the natural learning ability of children to unfold.

Story Sacks shared weekly after each Playgroup are part of a circulating library and are made up of a wide assortment of board books and related play materials for expanding play. The board books are selected to represent a wide variety of styles of illustrations, simple text appropriate to the young child and a multicultural flavor. Board books are in both English and Spanish. In addition, a collection of seasonal board books is rotated throughout the year. The coordinating fabric bags are made of multi-colored fabrics with pictures or designs reflected in the theme of the various books. A small toy or set of toys to expand the book sharing experience is included in each bag. Parents sign out the story sacks weekly and return them at their next playgroup. The story sack library is designed to encourage the habit of daily reading in families and to reinforce the program belief that "a book a day brings a reader your way."

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