Parent Education Program

"Parents are their children's first and best teachers."


The Parent Education Program is an integral part of the Family Enrichment Program. After the weekly infant and toddler playgroups, parents attend parent education sessions. The goad of each session is to provide parents with useful information about child development and parenting young children through the presentation of pertinent information and discussion. Parenting quotes are also shared with parents weekly. Throughout the year parents learn about normal toddler development, discipline and the young child, speech and language development, the importance of reading to young children, and the value of play. In addition, parents learn about life skills such as goal setting and family budgeting. Parents also learn how to stay healthy and to reduce stress in their lives. Special workshops on the value of journaling and scrap booking are also a part of the parent education program. The Parent Education facilitator also recognizes the importance of group building as a means of providing social support to participants as they face the challenges of raising young children in today’s world. In addition to the Parent Education Classes, a parent library is available to parents, who are encouraged to check out books weekly. An incentive boutique, stocked with gently used toys and children’s clothing is also offered to parents.

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